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Crazy Fox Winter Pet Bed Cushion - Crazy Fox

Crazy Fox Winter Pet Bed Cushion

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Treat your pet to a fascinating and extra comfy new bed!

Whether they’re curling up for the night or they’re just taking their afternoon nap, most pets will sleep just about anywhere. But cold, hard floors make it difficult to get comfortable, diminishing sleep quality and worsening joint pain, leading to less than optimal health and behaviour. Sometimes this leads to panic problems that aren't easy to handle too.

Crazy Fox introduces a safe haven for your little ones through a special tailored premium calming bed! Pamper your pet with a self-warming and soothing bed that is fully equipped with a cozy faux and mimics the ultra comfort of a mother’s fur coat. It is proven to help ease anxiety and initiates the nervous system to calm down and relax faster.

Designed by a specialised therapists team, the raised rim offers a sense of security to your pet.

Made of pet-safe faux fur and finest nylon, our beds offer superior comfort while acting as the first line of defence against accidents.

Pets feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to feel the sense of truly restful sleep. The bolstered edge also acts as a headrest, offering additional orthopaedic support.

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