Crazy Fox's heart beats in London, UK. Her mind though, constantly travels around the globe and beyond! This company was formed by passionate people that inhale creativity and exhale change. People that perceive life as an experience of ultimate fun. And we do try to transfer our values and ethos into our business.


Since we live our lives in a ever passionate fashion, we want to connect with people that have the same flame burning in their souls. So, our products are around certain passions. Whether cats or dogs, food or fitness, or whatever else we might come up with - we will always refer to people that have that spark in their hearts.


Life is fun and fun is for everyone. We want to help everyone add some flavour in their everyday lives and so we will always bring affordable, yet delicate and stylish, products and we will always try to pull some amazing offers! The downside to that will be, in most of the cases, the delivery times. But we think it's a fair and worthwhile exchange.  


Smart gadgets or cute accessories, every product is selected with a single ultimate goal: to bring a smile in your face! :)